Oct 1, 2009

why can't i be a martyr

this is clear why she does not like martyrs. i am with her on all she says -- that does not call for a post, though. what calls for a post is to state why i just cannot tolerate them and why i find it difficult to be one.

martyrs are irritating, period. enough said, no more emphasis needed.

they lack self-respect, thus they crib and only crib.

they bitch because they lack the courage to speak up in front of people, they have objections on.

and they whine, because that is the only thing they can do. they are sufficient for only that.

i have a Mt. Everest-ish ego. and i have tonnes of self-respect. i do not crib because it hurts my sense of privacy; i bitch, yes, but i also tell most people on their faces what i think on issues, i rarely comment on people and i hate to whine since i do not want sympathy or advice... my problem is mine and i can tackle it, if at all. i prefer not to have half-baked ideas as advice.

and most important, i can stand up for myself, which is one thing i keep drilling into R. let's see how she turns out to be, anything is fine, as long as she is not a martyr.

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