Dec 9, 2008

random moments

Eid holidays are on. before every long break, i set out some tasks for myself, not in writing but in the mind. creates less pressure than a written list, possibly.
this time, it was clearing the closets and the enormous book case R has, part of which she has managed to fill with all the rubbish she gets from anywhere and everywhere.

yesterday was closets clearing day... time to chuck out old clothes, none of which are torn or even faded, but those that we have got tired of wearing. time to sort those clothes out in neat packets and old suitcases. while most of these were R's since she has outgrown quite a lot of her clothes which were just dumped into this unused corner, while sorting these out, my mind seemed to get into those moments that went into carefully selecting those frocks, those dungarees, those tights, those Ts... and picturing R in them... when she ran with those, when she smiled in them and when she fell with them on... part of it were also gifts from Mom or B's parents... remembered some of those old moments when the gifts were given to R, nothing rich or ornate, but filled with love for their only grand daughter... incidentally, R does not any girl cousins... on both sides, she just has younger brothers, three naughty ones...
now the challenge is to find out what one can do with these clothes. coming from a country where a many have insufficient clothes, we feel guilty if we have to just junk them out. i would like to give it away to some organisation which looks after kids so that these could be put to good use. does anyone know of any such local organisation?

today was the book cleaning day. first of all, must say R tries to obey me. when i keep telling her that last year's exercise books which have pages left must not be thrown, but used this year for rough work, she has followed the first bit of advice... not thrown them. but has she used them? i don't think.
so what is the use of keeping them? "Will use them some day," was her response... when? when? when?

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