Aug 13, 2008

gift with the price tag

this is something i routinely get... gifts, given with all honest intentions, but without care to remove the price tag... and needless to say, i get extremely irritated.
how can one gift somebody letting her/him know the price? why gift in the first place then?
to me gifts are a way of showing affection and saying, "i care about you." how can that come with the price that the giver paid for it?
now i understand why so many finishing schools are mushrooming all over... there are always people who need to be groomed in small things... and it is these small things that go a long mile in telling the world about finesse, which does matter, to me at least...

1 comment:

deep said...

u need not a finishing school but a finished (in the sense of complete)mind to comprehend these things. They r not just finer nuances but aspects of humane feeling.