Aug 27, 2008

life then... life now

life then:
1. full of care from parents and seemingly doting relatives, i craved for privacy;
2. craved for more money to buy that odd dress or that odd book;
3. wanted a home for myself, where my writ would run;
4. wanted to prove myself to the world;
5. wanted to grow up fast and be on my own, so that i could have all the fun possible;
6. had little responsibility and commitments, wanted to have all those big cares;

life now:
1. have all the privacy the world can give, but no caring parents to look after me;
2. have money, but commensurately less desire to possess things;
3. have two houses, which are locked... one home in which we live far away from our native land;
4. have done many of the things i wanted to do, but lots more, all new things that i want to do now... but all these are for myself, not for the world;
5. have grown up, grown old... but realised that growing up is no fun;
6. only have responsibility and commitments... want that carefree state back, which will not be possible;

strange, am i? or normal?...


deep said...

the normal expat domiciled from the mind...

sindhu said...

strangely normal...