Jul 23, 2008

busy with busybee

currently one of the books i am reading is "Best of Busybee" (1988-89). for the uninitiated, busybee was one of the best writers (and a journalist) who turned around the tabloid culture in india's financial capital, mumbai.
what i am enjoying about the book is of course the sharp wit that one identifies with behram contractor... added to which is the yawning nostalgia that he has evoked in me... mumbai was the city where we set up our first home way 17 years back... it has seen my struggles, professional directions and re-directions, my becoming a mother for the first and only time... it is also the city where i met some of the most influential people... not that i liked all of them, but each of them have left some impressions on me...
busybee's writings have brought back moments tucked away in history, names which defined eras and rewrote some defining moments.
and this space that i enjoy so much... much of it is unconsciously following busybee... who blogged on his paper every single day.
hats off, farzana (busybee's wife) for keeping the tradition alive...

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