Jul 26, 2008

a sketch

i love to: sleep, write, eat, read, listen to music (joan baez, simon & garfunkel, beatles, lennon solos are some eternal favs) share good feelings and sorrow, chat (real and virtual), bitch at times (why not? i am human too), drink (again why not? but only with people i like), shop, be fast in whatever i do, learn new stuff (only in the domain of the upper storey), be upfront in communication (sometimes doing my own self harm, but have survived more than four decades of life, so will not change now), spend time with B and R (and with Ma, used to love the togetherness with Dad too, something i still yearn for and continue to do till i breathe), show off (very subtly, so that only the sharp ones will pick the signal), just do nothing once a while, clear confusion in any relation i care for, go great lengths for people i love and like (without expecting reciprocation)...

i hate to: do housework, do routine jobs, carry out orders of dumb and lame people (and there are quite a few in the world, i myself have met a number of them), put up with idiots, window shop, procratinate, engage in lengthy discussions, be unduly polite, keep a relation, just because we gelled once (cast off baggage is my mantra), make an effort to communicate (if the effort is there, then communication cannot be there), give up easily (but sense when i need to), make a choice (impractical that i am) though am very very choosy...

in both cases the list continues... will give an update

this is apparently one of my longest posts... big mouth, sorry big hands (i have keyed all of it in).

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