Jul 21, 2008

freedom at any cost

my mantra... i knew this all along, but yesterday, after quite a while, had some French wine... needless to say, while having it with the better half, must have overdone it... so while falling asleep was no effort, staying asleep was... and was awake by the wee hours of the morning.
without doubt, it is the natural that is the best... will have to keep that in mind... in the face of temptations... what says me?


deep said...

getting to see the wee hours of the morning by default is no mean freedom is it? the freedom of light from darkness, of the morrow from the night...could well rewrite Donne's famous poem 'The Good Morrow' ur way!

imemyself said...

ha ha... but what about the hung over feeling? am not sure whether one can write poems, whose ever way, with material hang over

deep said...

hmmmmmm. seems like I'll have to conduct some crash courses on intoxication & creativity. As far as I'm concerned, the zing & the void left by a drink seem enjoyable.