Jul 25, 2008

problem of getting started

i have this one too (as well as the problem with being stopped, something i have told you about already), the quagmire being that this too relates to food... not in eating but in cooking. fridays, the fleeting once-a-week day that we here call the 'weekend', i generally cook (well, forgot to add, have to)...it is weekend for the cook too... and in all my efforts to bring in democracy in whatever i do, i have to practise what i preach (it's another matter that no one listens, including him and R) and believe... so i, after a late morning, stroll into the kitchen, putting it off by one TV programme, one more chapter in the book, cursing the programme director for the short programme... or the writer for the five-page chapter...
now, of course, i have the perfect recipe for making this burdensome exercise much more enjoyable... i am armed with the iPod, which R loads with the latest songs and charges too... so with music in tow, i have already fininshed cooking the lunch... it is a different question that he may (or may not) like what i have rustled up or R might just linger in the lunch table... so that at the end, i just give up and say, "ok, leave the rest"... you see, i have done my bit, and the democratic person i am , i give them right to not eat or not like what they eat, as long as they do not say it...now i will have a peaceful siesta... diiner i do not have to worry... he will be off for a wedding, R and her mom will call for food.

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