Jul 27, 2008

snippets that take me back

after i parked the car and was walking towards the office, noticed a creeper that reminded me of the garden back home (even today, after 17 years of having left it, home sometimes denotes the place where a better part of my younger-hood was spent)... and there must have been a wistful look in the eyes... now firmly put behind glasses.
likewise, a certain colour, a certain furniture, a certain food, a certain song, a certain... many many things take me back home, where i will never go back to live... i now have another home, in the same city... a flat that is locked, cleaned once a month... a place which has to be made home once again... right now, it is still just a place, a house.

1 comment:

deep said...

doesnt matter where one lives, for home is where the heart is