Jul 31, 2008

a daily report card

preposterous it may seem, but every day beginning yesterday, as the parting shot, B and i are getting an assessment scores from R which she showed privately to me since she is not talking to B.
yesterday's read like this: "Ma: very nice throughout the day. suddenly in the evening, became a tattling looooooser. Pa: haven't seen him thorughout the day. came home and started criticising me. so tomorrow i will be talking to Ma, though will not be friendly with her; with Pa, no interaction whatsover." notice the lingo, was my first impulse, though i managed to put a brave front in front of the umpire.
and all this because, we tried to tell her that she needs to sit straight while reading and that she needs to have more water.
i haven't as yet told B since that is what i have agreed not to... but i am not sure whether i should be worried about this one or not...
one person who would be genuinely happy about the treatment from our projeny is my late Dad... screw them tighter, he would have told his pet, whom he saw all of two and a half years, no more...

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