Jul 27, 2008

no new point... but still

circa 1995: while working for a financial company, my boss was 'scared' when she came to know that i had conceived, asking me every other day, "is anything wrong?" in the fond hope that i would say, "ya, i have miscarried."
not that she could have given me a designation change or a fat bonus at the next appraisal, but she deliberatley downgraded me since i had gone on maternity leave... my usual self, i fought against it and got my due... the point is, we women have to fight for what should come to us naturally, while B did not have to do any such thing... and we both became parents the same instant... .
circa 2008: someone i know is planning a family expansion... she has a son, wants to complete the square with a daughter... while i am all for it, she is in two minds since she is not sure of how well her workplace will take it...
when, pray when are things expected to change?
thus, i have told R that when she has a kid, i will look after the baby, so that she can work in peace... B is not sure whether she will still have her husband if i hang around too long...

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